December Lunch Byte Sessions
1800x300 150dpi course cover image LB w c 4All Lunch Byte Sessions are FREE but you must pre-register. We will send you the online link to access the session in a follow-up email. On the day of your session, we will resend this email so you can easily access this information and the session. Please be advised that we are moving from Zoom and switching to our internal Video Platform, the Virtual Classroom. Please register for an account with the Hope Learning Centre and use this account to log into our Virtual Classroom. There are no downloads, everything is hosted right here on our site!

Session: Compassion Fatigue & Work
December 7th, 2021 (2021-12-07)

Facilitator: Rebecca Rackow, BA (Hons.), BSW, RSW
Director of Advocacy, Research, and Public Policy Development

Description:  Compassion Fatigue, ZOOM Fatigue, Covid Fatigue; we hear about these in the news and they have almost become buzz words.  Let's explore what the danger is to our mental health if we don't address them, and how do we resolve them so they don't get the better of us?.

Session: Surviving the Christmas Season
December 14th, 2021 (2021-12-14)

Facilitator: Donna Bowyer, Guest Presenter & Mental Health Trainer

Description:  Christmas and other holidays can be very exciting but also very stressful. We will be talking about some of the causes of that stress and also some strategies to make it through the season with the ability to enjoy the holidays.

We will return with the Lunch Byte Series on January 11th, 2022

Happy Holidays everyone :)